The Comment Cracker Unite iPhone application is a simple and fast way to make comments on any blogs you like, no matter how important they are. This application allows you to make relevant, intelligent and funny comments on any blog you like, using a variety of clever linguistic devices. The program works by letting you create a profile for yourself, which will then let you interact with other users on the site using your own unique comment form.

You can start out making comments simply by choosing one of many pre-written forms that will then be displayed to you when you are browsing the forum. If you are an avid blogger, you may wish to spend some time creating your own unique comment form in order to better fit your needs as a commenter. Some other advanced features allow you to easily set a maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on an advertisement, which can then be used to control the amount of money you are spending on the iPhone application. Whether you are making comments to promote your site or simply want to give others a laugh, the Comment Cracker Unite iPhone will prove itself a worthy tool to increase your online presence.

If you are considering making a quick, easy and fun to comment on another person’s post, then this application is a must have. Being able to post a comment quickly and easily using your own language makes using the iPhone a much more enjoyable experience. Not only is it a perfect writing tool, but it also provides the English language with a unique spin. While you may want to use this application to make comments on your own blog, the unique features it provides for the iPhone user make the application a must have for anyone who is interested in making quick and fun posts on blogs.

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